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What’s the best way to store my instax film?

We suggest keep the prints away from direct sunlight and humid conditions. Keep the prints in an album within a ventilated cool dry area for maximum longevity.

What instax film formats do you offer?

instax mini
Print size – 54 x 85mm
Image size – 46 x 62mm

instax SQUARE
Print size – 86 x 72mm
Image size – 62 x 62mm

instax WIDE
Print size 108 x 85mm
Image size – 99 x 62mm

What instax film formats work with each product?

instax mini film
instax mini 8
instax mini 9
instax mini 40
instax mini 70
instax mini 90
instax mini Link
instax SHARE SP-2

instax SQUARE film
instax SQUARE SQ6
instax SQUARE SQ10
instax SQUARE SQ20
instax SHARE SP-3

Instax WIDE film
instax WIDE 300